Do you play board games with your children at home? When you play, do you make sure it is a fair sport or let them win purposely because you love them so much? Do you worry that  they may feel discouraged if they lose? Is it good or bad to beat children in games?

Board games are very popular among families that love to play with its kids. It is one of the best ways to spend time with your family and have fun and excitement with your kids.

Plying board games with kids

Why you should encourage playing board games?

Through playing board games, you can also make your children learn the lessons of life. Psychologists always advise not to let your child win purposely. Your kid should understand that winning and losing is a part of any game. You, as a parent, should make your child sportive. This would also help him in his life. Let your child lose, let him  develop the spirit to play again and try to win the game. This attitude is very important; do not make him accustomed to win. But if your kid is too young, let him win -both your kid and you will be happy !

 As losing and winning is part of the game, so are ups and downs in life. Life is full of struggles and challenges. Develop a sportive attitude in your kids from childhood. Let them rejoice over their wins while taking on failures positively.

Before you start a board game with your child, let him know that it is a serious game and he could win or lose just like in any business. Character /attitude building is very important than winning /losing a game here.

Play fair with children

Play fair with your children. This will help them to:

  • Develop critical thinking
  • Manage situations on their own
  • Take pride if they manage to win

Some things you need to know while playing with your children:

  • Play fair. You will keep inspiring your kids as they work toward achieving their goals. But you will have to limit your role as they grow up. You need not spoon feed them. Give them enough space to stand up on their own and accomplish what they want to.
  • Letting your children win in board games may seem very simple to you. But, in fact, it does more damage than good. And kids today are smarter than ever. They can easily make out if they have won or you have let them win. If you lose, say that you will have to play better the next time. This way, they too learn to lose and try to perform better. This would help them in the long run.
  • Another significant point is, if you let your child win board games always, he will not be in a position to cope with the struggles of life. He will find it difficult to take on the challenges. This may, in some cases, lead to depression too, which could prove dangerous. Right from childhood, the children should be taught that life will have wins and losses and they should learn to get along.
  • Choose the games so that both you and your child have same chance of winning. If your child is young, choose a game that is simple to play. And the most important part is you and your child should be able to have as much fun as possible. As long as your child enjoys playing the game with you, he will not be bothered about who is winning or losing.
  • If you let your child lose, it will help you recognize areas where he needs help. You can also observe how he faces the circumstance and whether he is ready to take on the challenge.

Building the sense of sportsmanship in children

Make your children see sports on Television. Let them observe how the players shake hands after the game is over. Let them observe the sportsmanship. And when you are playing, your children could be accompanied with another parent for their encouragement.

It is a highly competitive world out there and you can make your child face this world with confidence by making him learn through games from his early childhood. Learning should be a continuous process and it is better learnt through playing. Play a board game with your child at least once a week. That would help him a lot to develop his skills and the most noteworthy part being able to face the world without fear of losing.

sense of sportsmanship

It should be made clear to your child that there will be losers in every game. Let your child experience losing. It will make him stronger. You need not prepare him for winning; winners will always celebrate. It is the loser who has to learn to keep going, even stronger the next time. Losing will let your child realize that everything will not work in his favor, always. And the sooner he realizes this, the better.

Introducing children to life lessons with board games

Board games are a wonderful way to make your child learn the lessons of life. Besides having fun the board games will let you teach your child the facts of winning and losing and how to cope when he loses. The child will also love board games as they are competitive and they like it more when you are the opponent !

Children like competition. It is fine if you let them win purposely once in a while. but if you make it a habit, they would certainly not like it. The children feel that you are underestimating their competency. Instead, ask them to follow the instructions of the game and play carefully. Encourage them all the way. Playing with your children and family will also develop a good bonding.

Some kids cannot bear losing. This is not a good sign and care should be taken at the earliest to change this attitude. Otherwise, it is your child who will suffer later. As  a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child takes both winning and losing in a positive stride.

Popular Board game brand and what games to choose?

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Losing a game to make your child happy is not bad, but to lose a game at the cost of your child’s attitude building is definitely bad ! Make a wise choice!!

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