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What Is Armpit Detox and Why It Is Good For You

Running out of deodorant? Maybe you need to detoxify your armpit! Yes, Armpit detox is a very genuine process to improve the health of your armpit skin.

The armpit is a breeding ground for many microbes as it is warm and humid. Detoxification of the armpit helps the body rid itself of toxins and help reduce the amount of sweat. This also decreases body odor.

Moreover, research indicates that armpit detox boosts the immune system and decrease the risk of cancer. Deodorants and antiperspirants are absorbed by the skin. Years of use results in the build-up of chemical residue on a person’s skin.

Not convincing enough? Read this article on why it is scary to use deodorants.

If you stop using chemical deodorants, the body dispels toxins, aka, armpit detox.

Facts about armpit detox

Some Important Facts of Armpit Detox

  • Armpits are the human body’s entry and exit points.
  • Deodorants do not prevent sweating.
  • Chemical antiperspirants are designed to mask odor caused due to bacteria from sweat.
  • Detox can result in excessive sweating and increase in odor.

Benefits of Armpit Detox

Here are some of the benefits of armpit detox.

Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Fifteen years of research has yielded the findings that breast cancer and the use of deodorants are linked to each other. Though some studies have found otherwise, it is best for women, and even men for that matter, to use antiperspirants sparingly just to be on the safe side.


Deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum and a class of chemicals called parabens. Armpit skin is thin and absorbs easily. Given the volatile state of these deodorants, they are absorbed in the bloodstream at an alarming rate. Moreover, the armpits are access points to lymph nodes (nerve endings) and these chemicals affect the immune system.

Skin Allergies

Many of the chemicals found in deodorants cause skin irritations and allergies. An allergy would look something like this – red skin, burning sensation and an urge to itch. Ingredients that cause these irritations are silica, talc, aluminum, parabens, and propylene glycol.

A study reported by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that around 23% of women and up to 13.8% of men face adverse reactions to skin care products of which deodorants are among the most common.


Did you know that sweat is actually odorless? It is the breakdown of sweat by bacteria present on human skin that actually causes the smell. Most antiperspirants and deodorants have very few anti-bacterial ingredients. They actually do not handle the root problem. Instead, they try to mask the odor with their own sweet smell.


The use of deodorants is actually not necessary. Most people do not have body stench as bad as they assume, in fact, some people find the smell of the sweat of their loved ones alluring. Plus, there are other healthier ways to deal with sweat. Despite people being aware of this, a study reported that 75% of people still use deodorants.

Why detox your armpit?

Reasons to Go On an Armpit Detox

Reducing the risk of breast cancer is a reason enough to go for an armpit detox. However, there are some more benefits.

Improve Your Natural Smell

Every person has a unique smell. The breakdown of sweat mixed with the synthetic fabric causes a bad stench. However, if the sweat is allowed to evaporate, the person rarely smells bad. This enhances their natural smell. It is not humans, but even animals find a potential partner with the sense of smell.

Removes Buildup In Armpits

Antiperspirants leave a sticky build-up which is harder to clean with soap and water. Moreover, the aluminum used in the products clogs pores on the skin under the armpit. Detox will help remove the residue leaving just fresh skin.

Minimize The Frequency Of Illness

Falling sick often is the body’s way of expelling toxins. By going on an armpit detox, the lymph nodes under the armpit are reduced of the extra load of chemicals to get rid of. Hence, the frequency of falling ill reduces.

Is an Armpit Detox Absolutely Necessary?

Currently, no medical evidence exists that suggests detox is absolutely necessary for good health. However, it does promote the use of natural deodorants and alternative methods of fighting bad odor.

Here is some medical evidence which suggests going on an armpit detox is good for you. Though there are conflicting results in the studies, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

How to Go About an Armpit Detox

Armpit detox consists of two steps: one, to cease the use of chemical deodorants completely and two, to help the body clear out toxins in the armpits.

You will require the following three ingredients:

  • One tbsp of bentonite clay
  • One tbsp of unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • Two tbsp of water

Just mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl using a wooden spoon. Do not use any metal utensil. The mixture should have the viscosity of common yogurt. Spread the mixture across each of your armpits. Leave the mixture for a few minutes (no longer than 20). Wash off the spread using warm water.

Don’t worry if your armpits turn red. It’s quite common and is just your body’s way of reacting to the sudden change of ingredients it is exposed to. However, if you experience irritation, rashes or any other symptom, then your body might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Check out this resource to understand the disadvantages of apple cider vinegar. You can also substitute the ACV with lemon juice or rice wine vinegar but the effect can differ for individual to individual. Find the right balance for yourself by testing the mixture on a small part of your body before using it for a full detox. Wash off the mixture immediately. Seek medical attention if required. Repeat this detoxification method until your armpits do not turn red or smell anymore.

Natural odor fighting

Natural Odor Fighting Techniques

Here are some natural ways to fight odor.

  • Wear loose clothing that allows the sweat to evaporate.
  • Bath twice a day using natural soap.
  • Bath with cold water. It increases circulation as well as cools down your body leaving you sweat free.
  • Stay in an air conditioned or well ventilated place.
  • Shave or wax your armpit. Hairy armpit promotes the growth of bacteria which aggravate odor.
  • Wear light colored clothing.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Using natural or herbal based moisturizer that are sweet smelling all over your body. Make sure they are absorbed into your skin before getting dressed.
  • Wipe yourself with tissues or a handkerchief when you feel accumulated sweat.

Armpit detoxification is just like going on a diet. Your body might reject at first, but if you persist, the benefits speak for themselves.

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