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Step By Step Guide To Take Your Business Online in the Post COVID Era

The world has completely changed its habits within a few months with the COVID pandemic. However, if your business does not continue to step up with this new change, you will be left behind. You need to have an online business representation to make the most out of your marketing strategy. After all, you need to bring your business to where your target audience will most likely be shopping. And, let’s face it, online shopping is a necessity now that the world is forced to practice social distancing.

Online business for social distancing

With this in mind, here are a few details that will help you choose the right platform and set the correct priorities when you plan to get your business online. Follow through to have a much clearer idea regarding digitizing your brand once you have followed through the information in this article.

Comparison between Shopify /Wix and Word press

Shopify /Wix

Shopify is an online tool and based on subscription. It is very convenient to use – you just need to sign up and you are all set to go! Shopify helps you throughout the process. You need to specify the purpose of your online store and gives you tips to choose the structure for setting up your e-store. One you are done with this initial set up wizard; you can access the dashboard through which you will be able to create your online store. Shopify would be the ideal platform if you do not have prior experience with websites.  It does not require any special skills for you to work on. It is similar to Wix, where you get fantastic support with the focused team, articles and forums. With Wix, maintenance is easy as its technical team is in charge of it. Shopify/ wix is also affordable.

Word press

If you are comfortable with websites, then you can choose woocommerce (WordPress add on) where you can find numerous options with the designs. Anybody is free to use WordPress as it is an open platform. With already 60 million and over websites, word press is expected to grow further. This is also a con as there is more room for junk. But one major pro is word press gives you flexibility. And it allows for more customizations than Wix.

When it comes to support, as WordPress has a very large community, you will find it difficult to find solutions. You can hire a word press developer, but it may prove costly. WordPress updates its platform on a regular basis so that the bugs are fixed but at the same time, you need to update your site as well, otherwise your site may be prone to security attacks. And with the pricing, you may need to invest some time and money with word press.

Optimize Your Online Business Website for Search Engines

Online business optimization

When you start an online store, you have to make sure that your website ranks better on search engines. See to it that you use appropriate keywords and Meta descriptions.

You can also look at Adwords, where you need to pay search engines to place your website to top search results. It adopts a pay-per-click method where in you need to pay each time an individual clicks on the ad.

If you find it difficult to pay, you can try SEO Optimization through your website’s SEO Audit. For successful SEO, you need to have a very good structure for your website. And your content should give way for shareability.

Adwords give you quick leads but if you are looking from a long term perspective, SEO is the perfect choice. SEO is slow but steady. If you want your online marketing to be successful, do not ignore SEO techniques. Your e-store is best discovered through SEO. You can opt for both adwords and SEO, if your budget permits. This ensures high traffic, both in the short term and long term. If you want to be competitive, seek assistance from an SEO agency.

If you are missing clicks, it means you are going down on sales.

  • Put some efforts on researching keywords and competitors. Wrong choice of keywords can ruin your business.
  • After competitor and keyword research, look for any problems on your site that needs fixing. Pay attention to your site speed. Customers don’t prefer slow websites. Your potential customers may switch to a quick loading website which most likely will be your competitor.
  • Ensure keywords are placed in the title, product descriptions, headers and sub headers. In other words, focus on keyword optimization.

Share Your New Online Business with Your Customers

Online marketing strategy

Create a Marketing strategy

When you start online business, or any business for that matter, you are always bothered about having more and more customers. Search Engine Optimization is the popular method of letting your business to be discovered that is done through choosing relevant keywords. SEO can be time consuming, but it is worth the effort in the long run for your online business. You can also consider offering free content on your website to attract new visitors.

Here are some of the marketing strategies, paid and UNpaid, to promote your online business:

  • This is a form of internet advertising where in you are required to pay the search engines for each click. This may sound expensive initially, but is sure to generate traffic for your website. Your ad appears in front of your potential customer, it helps in conversion. You can look at the ROI for measuring success. But be careful while choosing the keyword phrases.
  • Another option is Retargeting. Retargeting ads place a tracking cookie on your visitors computers. These visitors continue to see your ads even after leaving your site. This strategy aims to get back those visitors who have left your site without conversion.
  • One more alternative is Facebook ads. It is similar to pay per click and here you are making use of the high traffic on face book. You can target people from different locations, your friends, their network or any other individual who likes others pages.
  • You can create videos and post them on you tube and finally lead the viewers to your website.
  • Email marketing is another popular, cost effective way to let your potential customers know about your new e-store.
  • Social media is a powerful medium in the recent times for marketing when you start online business. You can find millions hooked to social media every minute across the globe. It also helps in word of mouth advertising.
  • SEO is another effective way by optimizing keywords in your content to drive traffic. This is free.

Choose Your Marketing Platform

Be it any product or service, when you start an online store, you need to choose the best marketing platform.

Adwords and face book ads are two huge advertising platforms today. What is the difference between face book ads and Google adwords?

While Google is a search engine, face book is a popular social media. Google is preferred to look or search for something -may be a product or any solution, for that matter. But face book is used to find out what your near and dear ones are up to, or to discover the trending topics.

Online Marketing platform

You can opt for face book ads to let people know about your business. It is one of the best ways to create awareness. You can reach out to people from different ages and interests. Millions of people have access to face book and you have the best chances of getting your business discovered.

Adwords will reach out to people looking for a particular product or service.

The choice of the marketing platform depends on your business. If it is related to fashion and lifestyle, you better go with face book ads as the younger generation is more influenced with the social media. If it is a technical product or service, you are advised to go with the adwords as people tend to “search” for those products or services.

The choice of the marketing platform will go a long way in bringing success to your business. So make the right choice!

Create Your First PPC Online Business Campaign

A PPC online campaign is a method of driving traffic to your website where you have to pay for each click by the visitor. This is aimed at converting the visitors for more sales.

Start online business successfully through PPC online campaign. You can choose adwords or hire a professional to handle your campaign.

Adwords can help in bringing more visitors for your website, thus enhancing your sales. You can target customers in any location, given the range of reachability. Plan effectively to let your business get discovered by those who are seriously searching for it. You can also sign up with Adwords for free; you need to pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad.

Here are the steps to create your adwords campaign:

  • Choose a name for your campaign
  • Decide on the geographic location where you need to target
  • Set daily budget for adwords, this way you will have control
  • Create your ad
  • Insert relevant keywords
  • If you have budget limitation, go with the keywords that are low on cost
  • Review for any possible errors

Benefits of hiring a professional to manage your campaign

Hiring a professional saves you time and money while being able to bring in a lot of expertise. You may make mistakes while creating adwords campaign, which may prove costly. Hiring a professional is safe and beneficial.

 A professional can:

  • Optimize ad copy and ensure that it is consistent
  • Conduct aggressive and efficient keyword research to drive maximum traffic
  • Create various keyword concentrated ad groups
  • Track campaign analytics and work toward getting more conversions
  • Keep a check on click fraud

Take the stress off you and save your valuable time by hiring a professional for your campaign!

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