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How to find the perfect Social Media Influencer to Market your Brand?

If you want something to reach out to millions of people, all across the globe, the fastest, easiest and surest way is to use the power of social media platforms. More importantly, it is key to find the right social media influencer to help you get more traction on these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other popular social media platforms connect the world and bridge demographical distances. Communication, reach, impact and potential for brands and businesses has increased manifold since the advent of these powerful tools.

Power of Social Media

On one hand, social media allows you to connect with friends and family and stay in touch no matter where you are. On the other hand, from a business perspective, social media platforms are like a marketplace where you can showcase, launch, sell and promote your products and services to the widest customer audience. Tapping into the potential of social media platforms has become almost a necessity for brands and businesses, if they want to get noticed and bring in desirable results.

Social Media- High Potential; Higher Competition!

While most brands and businesses may understand the value of social media platforms and how it can greatly enhance the sale and reach of their products, the problem is competition. Every brand is trying to get the best of social media, so how do you stand out and get noticed? Customers have innumerable options and one wrong move by you or one profitable leap by a competitor, and you will be lost in the crowd. Reaping profits off social media platforms requires a lot of efforts and the right set of strategies to make an impression and leave an impact on your target audience.

Social Media Influencers

You may have heard about social media influencers and how they can help a brand expand its reach and potential. It is a full time profession and one that benefits audiences and brands alike. An influence, as the name suggests, is a medium to influence your target audience to buy your product. There are social media influencers who work with fashion labels, makeup brands, restaurants and hotels, traveling industry and almost every other field. An influence is someone that your target audience trusts. They are known to have a great taste, in the specific industry they work for. Thus a recommendation, a shout out or just a mere mention by them about your brand could divert the influencer’s followers to your brand.

Influencer Marketing

In simple words, a social media influencer markets your products, through her profile and to her followers; in return diverting this audience’s attention to your brand.

Why you need a social media influencer to market your product?

  • As mentioned earlier people have started relying on influencers for everyday inspiration and product reviews. They prefer influencers over the traditional advertisings, or even other mediums of advertising.
  • Influencers are seen like ‘regular’ people thus more relatable and reliable.
  • Social media influencers have a large number of followers who seek their reviews, recommendations and endorsements, thus all their followers get a glimpse of what you are offering.
  • It is a reliable, fast and effective way to extend your reach. This also allows a larger audience to notice you and your product. It helps build credibility for your brand.

How to find the right influencer for your products?

So now that we have established the fact that social media is a powerful medium of marketing and bringing in social media influencers can bring in a wide range of opportunities, the next and main question is- how to find the right influencer for your product?

Find the right Social Media Influencer

You will be surprised by how many social media influencers exist in the market today! While some have become really successful and big, others are still working their way up. Again, some others have just begun their journey. But the point remains that there are a large number of them out there! So who is right for you and your products? How will you ascertain which influencer will bring in the maximum profits and reach?

For a starting point you can always use analytics and metrics. This will help to find a bunch of influencers who enjoy a great number of followers. But that’s not enough! Once you have a pool of influencers, the task of narrowing down to find the right fit starts.

Here are some questions you need to find the answers to:

How relevant is the influencer to your product?

Every influencer works in a specific field, or specific fields. You need to see how relevant the influencers’ work is to your product. For this, you need to do a little digging up to understand the patter, the kind of products, the content and the style. Then you have to match all of this with regards to your product. For example, if you are a makeup brand, just because someone is blogging about clothes, does not make them a right fit. What are you looking for? Do you need a travel blogger, a makeup artist or a fashion influencer?

How engaging is the influencer?

While the influencer may be thoroughly engaging at their end, you need to gauge how the audience is engaging. Are people asking questions, relating to the influencer, commenting, sharing or responding to the influencer?

What is the extent of the influencer’s reach?

While the reach of an audience is not the single most important to consider, you definitely cannot ignore it. After all, the whole purpose of marketing through an influence is to extend your reach too. Also, you need to ascertain the demographic location of the reach. For example, if you are a fashion brand, You have a wide audience base. So, you can work with someone who has a wide and extend reach. However, if you are a location specific product, like a hotel or a physical shop, then you need someone who has a reach in your location.

How consistent is the influencer?

Because there are so many influencers out there, people only follow influencers who are regular and consistent. If the influencer is regularly sharing great content and engaging with the audience frequently, chances of your product making an impression is higher. Make sure the influencer you choose is consistent, posting content frequently and continuously engaging.

How authentic are social media platform influencers?

How authentic or reliable they are?

While as an influencer a person will professionally work for almost every brand within their field that approaches them, you still need to check for authenticity. If a person is promoting or marketing anything and everything, chances are the audience will soon lose trust. The influencer must be able to present a genuine review, a personal story that shows authenticity rather than just another endorsement that people are moving away from. See how the influencer is convincing people, the words, videos, pictures, quality- everything needs to be looked into.

Online content and conversions through social media are heavily influencing a brand’s success and identity. People today, of almost all age groups, are turning to social media to get an insight into what are trending, what to buy and what not to. Thus, social media influencers have become like a point of reference for people. This shift is mainly because of two reasons- first traditional advertising and endorsements have lost authenticity. People today want a more direct access and prefer to choose what they see, who they follow and whose recommendations and advice they heed to. Secondly, social media has given people the opportunity to engage with brands, influencers and products. This direct engagement is more reliable than hoardings or advertisements that only present a one-way street.

Marketing has always been the backbone of success for a product, even more so, with the steady rise in competition. It is extremely important to bring in different platforms and strategies. This helps to enhance your marketing initiatives that have a wider and more impactful approach. Today social media influencers play the role of ‘word of mouth’ played a few decades back. People trust a brand or product more when recommended by someone they know, or follow! There is a reason that some influencers have more power and reach than the others. And it’s all about being authentic. It is about allowing people a chance to peek into your life thus giving the feeling of familiarity.

The Influencer’s Credibility, For Your Product

A social media influencer enjoys a credibility online that will directly benefit your brand and its credibility. It all comes down to choosing the right influencer thus. By harnessing the social media influencer’s authenticity and reach, you can achieve a lot. You can sell your products to a larger audience. Make huge headway in building your brand identity. You can also make a direct connection with your audience and reach out to a much larger audience base. It not just enhances your sale but your brand as a whole.

Are you ready to tap into this wide and extensive world of social media? If you already have an active business page online, it’s time to extend it and spread it to influencers. Get in touch with the right influencer and your product will get the right attention! Start exploring, researching, evaluating and making a positive impression.

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