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How relevant are Facebook Ads for today’s digital sales campaigns?

Are Facebook ads worth it? If you have asked this question to you ever, then you are not alone. It’s surely a reasonable question to ask yourself.The perfect answer to this question is yes! It does work incredibly well and it should be included in every digital strategy of a business. However, before getting a valid answer to this question, you should understand how does the Facebook Ads work?

How does the Facebook Ads work?

The Facebook Ads help your business to find prospective customers. It allows you to target the specific audience for your business who are Keen to know about your products and services by using the wealth of data Facebook has about it’s users. After identifying the objective of your campaign, you need to tell Facebook to whom your ads should be displayed. This process is called Audience segmentation. Through this process Facebook provides you with an ideal audience as it displays your ads only to the people who belong the demographics you are truly interested in.

How do facebook ads work?

So, now when we know about why the Facebook ads work, let’s look at why the Facebook Ads are worth it. The global audience of people is approximately 1.5 billion people. It means that more than half the population of this planet is using Facebook. No other Social Networking site is even close to the Facebook marketing. And it is exciting to know that Facebook has achieved an enormous amount of Audience in a short span of time. 

The growth in usersof Facebook is important for the advertisers as the larger is the audience, the more advertisers can target their potential audience. The traditional platforms only focus on finding the right audience but not on the amount of Audience, however, Facebook focuses both on the amount of Audience as well as the right audience for your business. The base of Facebook users is continuously growing, the advertisers can target the potential audience based on the personal interest, life events, the behavior of purchasing etc.

Facebook has one of the largest monthly users base from mobile than any site in the world.

Are Facebook Ads worth the money?

Advertisers have a number of elements to consider while launching a new advertising campaign, from the Ad creativity to the potential reach, sometimes it comes down to cold and hard numbers. However, Facebook is proved to be one of the most cost effective social networking site for the platforms of advertisement. When it comes to Cost per Action or CPA, the Facebook ads are cost effective similarly.

Since Facebook is affecting the day to day lives of everyone, it has become a global powerhouse for the people. It all depends on how well you understand your customers and how creatively you are incorporating the data into the Ads. You can easily create your success story with the help of Facebook Ads. You just need to focus on the goal and don’t expect to see the results overnight.

facebook advertisements worth the money?

Approximately 22% of the world’s population is active on Facebook and 76% active users of Facebook are looking for an interesting content. Hence, it is the best place to connect with your customers and attract them towards your brand. Facebook Ads are a powerful platform for your business, so make this platform a staple of your marketing plan.

So, do you think it is worth to pay for Facebook Ads? Absolutely yes! Using the campaign building tools and analytical tools of Facebook, you can easily find your target audience. The freedom of creativity is also a major advantage of the Facebook Ads. It provides a number of options to reach the maximum number of eyes through images, videos, Canvas ads etc. With so much freedom and perks, Facebook is definitely worth it.

Making the Facebook Ads work

If you want to optimize your Facebook Ads and if you want to move past the question that “Do Facebook Ads work”?, here are some useful tips to make your Facebook ads a great hit:

Always start with targeting your existing audience

In the world of marketing, it is believed that attracting a new customer is costlier than engaging your existing customers. Your existing customers are more likely to react and respond to your ads positively than the new customers. Your loyal customers already know about your product or service, so the engagement rates are much higher than the new users.

Set a custom audience

When you are trying to define your audience, Facebook targeting is the best option. Create a custom audience by installing Facebook pixel on your site. It will increase your number of conversions. Create the audience segments in order to build content that would fit the interest of each of your audience.

generating leads

Retarget to generate the leads

Do not try to generate the leads with a fresh campaign, always try to retarget the visitors of your website. If a visitor visits your website, it is a clear indication that the visitor is interested in your service.

Use little text on the graphics of your ad

It is believed that the lesser the text, the higher is the reach of your campaign. Ensure that your Ad graphic has little or no text in it.


Now the answer to the question “Are Facebook Ads worth it?” must be very clear. The Answer is Yes and there is no doubt about it.

If your business campaign is not performing up to your expectations, it is the perfect time to go back and have a look at your advertising strategy. Start right from the objective of your campaign to the audience you are targeting. Have a clear understanding at the psychology of your customers.

Always remember to keep your Facebook Ads simple. If the conversion process is too long, people are likely to drop off before reaching your landing page. Lastly, always remember to stay creative with your ads as it is rightly said that monotony creates boredom and nobody wants to get bored.

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