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How Does Meditation During Pregnancy Benefit You And Your Unborn Child?

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It is a phase of physical and emotional transformation. The female body goes through several changes which can be hard to deal with. A woman becomes emotionally vulnerable and stress and anxiety often take over. Moreover, if this stress lasts for a long time, it can be harmful for the baby as well. Meditation during pregnancy can help you deal with this situation effectively.

The mother’s state of mind affects the baby and during pregnancy, one must ensure to maintain good physical and emotional health. Meditation is one of the best ways to keep both the mother and the child healthy during pregnancy.

It helps reduce stress

helps beat stress

Stress is natural during pregnancy. However, if this stress lasts for a long time, cortisol levels increase in the body which negatively affects the baby. Cortisol is the hormone which the body releases when in stress. This can trigger inflammatory responses in the body which might result in lower birth weight or early delivery.

Meditating during pregnancy helps to keep stress and anxiety under control and keeps you lively and enthusiastic.

You can stay away from unhealthy choices

A lot of women experience craving for different kinds of food during pregnancy. Sometimes it becomes a task to avoid junk food. Some women might also find it hard to resist drugs, alcohol and cigarettes during their pregnancy. These things affect the health of the baby and might greatly affect its development.

Meditating during pregnancy helps you curb your cravings towards the wrong things. You get control of your mind and you are then able to convince yourself that you should stay away from the latter as they are harmful for your child.

Meditation during pregnancy helps you fight depression

helps fight depression

Women tend to get depressed during pregnancy. Meditation helps you fight depression and alleviates the mood. It helps increase hormones that trigger happiness and helps fight stress and anxiety.

Get better sleep

During this phase, falling asleep is not so easy. Though you know that you need to get plenty of sleep, the nights can be full of wakefulness and insomnia.

The constant thoughts in the mind often do not let you sleep and then women also go through anxiety which keeps them awake at night. Worries creep up at night such as how are you going to manage motherhood, how will you deal with the gained weight and much more.

Moreover, sleeping becomes all the more difficult during the second trimester. Every time you fall asleep, you have to wake up because you need to pee and frequent visits to the toilet become quite frustrating.

Finding the right, comfortable position too is not easy. The baby bump makes it difficult for women to become comfortable while lying down. The constant feeling of weight in your body makes you restless at night and women often keep awake all night just trying to fall asleep!

Meditating before you go to sleep helps calm and relax the mind. It increases hormones in the body that make you feel relaxed and peaceful. A happy mummy means a happy baby and a good sleep is one of the best ways for mummy to be happy.

Helps you prepare for yourself for child birth

A lot of women fear child birth and often get tensed even by the thought of it. In the third trimester, women often tend to develop high levels of anxiety due to the fear of child birth.

Meditation helps you deal with child birth pressure and helps you cope up with the fear. It also helps you calmly choose which method you would like to go in for.

Have a healthy baby!

A mother’s physical and emotional health affects and influences the baby a lot. If the mother is stressed, anxious and worried eternally, the baby might not be calm and composed as a person.

Meditation helps the mother during pregnancy to remain happy and peaceful. When the mother is happy, the baby receives positive vibes and these vibes helps in the growth and development of the fetus. When born, the baby is healthy, happy and calm.

Can I start meditation during pregnancy?

Yes you can! Anyone can meditate. All it takes is the desire and determination to meditate. Meditation is not restricted to a particular person. Any person who seeks peace and calmness can meditate and should meditate. It is like an exercise for the mind and exercise is always good!

How can I meditate during pregnancy?

how to meditate during pregnancy

You can meditate probably anywhere! Look for a place where there is minimum or no noise. Silence helps you focus better. Pick a thought that gives you happiness or visualize a scenery or anything that seems appealing to you. You can also imagine how your baby when it is born or you can think of the happy moments of your pregnancy. The most important thing is that you clear your mind of the various thoughts that are cluttering it and focus all your attention on one particular thought.

Another way of meditating is through music. There are various musical pieces available that are meant to give you a soothing meditating experience. Yoga is also a very effective way of meditation as it involves the engagement of both mind and body.

Moreover, yoga can be the best thing to do during your pregnancy. It helps reduce the swelling in the legs and back pain. The added weight on the lower back and pelvis makes it very difficult to walk about. Doing yoga helps your body adjust to the weight and makes it less painful.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and a there can be nothing better than a comfortable and happy pregnancy. Meditation not only benefits the mother, but the child as well. It helps you establish a deeper connection with your baby. Unborn children can feel what their mother feels and when the baby feels positive energies and knows that mummy is happy, it grows and develops nicely.

Start meditating today whether pregnant or not. You will notice great changes in the way you look at life!

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