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Decoding The Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Health, weight loss and fitness are the buzzing topics of late. However, there is always misunderstanding and misinterpretation when it comes nutrition and health. There are nutrition supplements available all over the place but how many of them are genuine and truly provide the results? 

In this world of junk and obesity, people are looking for health products such as weight loss supplements that can transform their bodies for the good and fish oil seems to be the best choice for that. Omega-3 fatty acids are the chief components in fish oil that are known to provide abundant health benefits. Since these nutrients cannot be produced by our body, we need to rely on dietary sources such as walnuts, cold-water fish, Krill and other kinds of seafood.

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This article provides you a deeper insight into the fish oil supplements and how they aid in weight loss.

Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as Essential Fatty Acids support numerous processes in your body such as:

  • Development of healthy hair and skin
  • Checks Thyroid
  • Adrenal activity
  • Efficient functioning of the nervous system
  • Appropriate production of hormones
  • Breakdown cholesterol and transport the same
  • Formation of cell membrane
  • Weight management
  • Reduces aging signs and inflammation
  • Heart health

A low level of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to reduced count of platelets, hair loss, impaired vision, reduced growth in children and learning problems. Despite their significance, people across the globe are still ignorant and deficient in these fatty acids.

Fish oil supplements

If you are considering using fish oil for weight loss, you must know which are the best supplements and how they are to be consumed in order to derive the best out of them. You should also learn about the possible side effects, although they are very rare and minor.These health products claim that they enhance metabolism, reduce cravings and support your weight loss plans. More research is being carried out relating to this but studies have proven that if these supplements are consumed along with a healthy diet and light exercises, they have the potential to bring results.

In 2013, a study was conducted and results published in ‘Food and Function’ in which the correlation between the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and obesity was confirmed. The study clearly indicates and links obesity to low levels of these fatty acids. The study was conducted on 2 groups that consumed low calorie diet however one group was also administered fish oil. After 8 weeks, it was found that people that consumed fish oil had a decreased Body Mass Index.

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Fish Oil effects on body fat and heart health

Several studies have been carried out on omega-3 fatty acids and their effects on body composition. One of such studies was in 2007, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. A group of overweight volunteers were given fish oil while another group consumed fish oil along with exercise. The experiment was carried on for 12 weeks and the results observed thereafter were stunning. The group that consumed fish oil along with exercise showed astounding results; their BMI had reduced; cholesterol levels had come back to normal and they showed an improved arterial health. However, both the groups, the one that consumed fish oil and the other that took fish oil with exercise experienced reduced fat percentages.

Fish oil is also known to help those suffering from cancer and depression.

Essential fatty acids and weight loss

EFAs are healthy fats; consuming them do not make you fat or obese. However, saturated fats are unhealthy fats which you should avoid taking. EFAs are beneficial in a number of ways, and can greatly aid in weight loss.

Studies have proven that eating healthy fats can absolutely help in reducing weight. In fact, taking omega-3 fatty acids when you are fasting lets you breakdown EFAs and use them as sources of energy.

Fish oils regulate Serotonin, responsible for mood and appetite. Eating omega-3 rich diet makes you feel fuller, longer. This encourages you to consume less food which itself promotes weight loss.

omega 3 rich diet

Fish oils also reduce fat storage. Insulin plays a major role in weight loss; if your body cells are very sensitive to the same, they don’t store food you eat as fat. Eating an omega-3 fatty acid rich diet minimizes storage of fat by enhancing your sensitivity to insulin.

Now you know how important are omega-3 fatty acids to your health, weight loss and overall well-being, let’s get deeper and learn where to get them.

Sources of Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Shellfish
  • Plant Oils
  • Walnuts
  • Fortified foods
  • Flaxseeds

Although oily fish is the top choice for getting the required amount of omega-3 fatty acids, for many of you out there, this can be a headache. While some of you might not like the taste or smell of fish, kids might get even more choosy. Try starting with a milder variety such as Salmon; you can get over and try the otherseventually. If your kids are, as mentioned earlier fussy, try different recipes and make interesting diets.

Making oily fish a part of your diet is the best option but if you really can’t stand the smell or flavor, try using supplements.

Seafood supplements

Buy the best fish oil supplements

If you are looking for health products that can aid weight loss, fish oil supplements can make a great choice.

Soft gels and capsules are the most common forms of fish oils available. You can find them in local stores or on online sites such as Amazon.

Those that wish to take these supplements must research for the best brand that assures quality. Alaska Deep Sea Fish oil can be a great option if you want a fish source with low mercury levels. Vegetarian, plant-derived oils are also available. Krill oil is a good choice as well.

It is a fact that many people just can’t stand fish. However, you need to realize its benefits and accept it as part of your diet but if it is a huge compromise on your taste, supplements might just be the alternative. As discussed, fish oils not only help you lose weight but promote your overall physical and mental health.

Fish oil: Dosage for weight loss

So, how much fish oil should you take to achieve optimum weight loss? Dosages ranging from 1000mg- 6000 mg/day have been tried and the best results, obviously, have been with the higher dosage.

If you are looking to start taking fish oil, you must know that each supplement varies with the concentration of DHA and EPA. They are used in specific ratios but the optimal ratio is yet to be determined.

The best idea is to consult your physician on the ideal dosage. This especially holds true if you are taking it for the first time or have any notable medical conditions. The dosage also depends on your age.

fish oil dosage


People that used fish oil have reported that they have lost considerable percentage of body fat. Several others have confirmed increased metabolism and energy levels. Customers that used Alaska Deep sea Omega-3 fish oil have also reported to have experienced reduced appetite.

Side effects

Some people have experienced gastrointestinal problems, reduced activity of the immune system and diarrhea.Experts recommend not to take over 3g of fish oil/day.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers must seek medical advice before taking these health products.

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