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5 Best Free Webinar Tools To Create, Host And Stream Webinars Successfully

Webinar is a great tool for online entrepreneurship which allows business owners and startup founders to connect with their target audience easily. It has been found that more than 60 percent of online businesses already made use of webinars for marketing by 2019. Of course, with COVID this number has now jumped to double now particularly, because it has now become the need of the hour to host webinars instead of real meetings. As such, free webinar tools are truly an essential information to save you a huge percentage of your business communications budget.

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Video producers and film-makers all over the world are employing these tools to create and host professional webinars for their clients. Whether you are new to the field of webinar creation and video webinar hosting or have some experience to speak of, check out the following list of best free webinar tools and software to utilize them professionally:


1. ezTalks

If you believe in the short and effective style of delivering a webinar, ezTalks is perfect for you. The best part is that it is completely free if you opt for a 40 minute webinar. You can include upto 100 participants in this free version. There is no limit on the number of webinars that you can conduct in a day.

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  • You can spilt the screen into several screens to show presentations explain at the same time.
  • There is an app as well as desktop version available. The option of recording the webinar is present in the desktop version whereas scheduling and calendar syncing features are present in the app.
  • Sending out invitations to participants is easy with the invite tolls which allows you to send emails, SMS and social media postings of the personalized invitation directly from the platform.
  • In case you participant has some data connection problem, they can contact the number provided in the invite along with the link on which they can call and hear the audio of the webinar.

Pricing policy:

Free version- 40 minutes with 100 participants

Paid version- $12.99 per month for 100 participants and no duration limits

Higher packages for upto 500 participants

2. Zoom

This program also offers a standard package under which webinars under 40 minutes with 100 participants are free.


  • The webinar gets saved on your computer.
    • You can schedule a webinar from the Google Calendar using the Chrome extension that is available.
    • Upto 50 breakout sessions can are allowed for group activities.
    • Webinars can be shared through Google Drive or OneDrive.
    • You can encash your webinars through the Paypal and Zapier features present on the platform.
    • You can host your webinar on Chrome OS and Linux.
    • All webinars can be broadcasted real time on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Pricing policy:

Free version- 40 minute webinars with 100 participants

Paid version- $14.99 per month- 100 participants- no duration limit

Higher packages for more number of participants

3. Blackboard Collaborate

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Blackboard Collaborate is mainly meant for educational use as its name suggests, however, it can be tailored to suit business purposes too.


  • It is compatible with most devices. Your participants can join your webinar through browsers like Firefox and Chrome. This program allows creating and scheduling of sessions from its interface itself. one of the most popular free webinar tools, it allows a massive 250 participants for one session. If your group is larger, you can still accommodate them within the interface but the breakout group feature would not work and should be off. The breakout group system helps you to divide participants into separate sections for group activities. You can record and share the audio or video webinar sessions and allow participants to download them through this program. PowerPoint and Openoffice are integrated with the program so that you can use these tools for presentations.

Pricing policy:

Blackboard Collaborate offers a 30 day free trial period after which you can find out the package price by contacting support.

4. Open Meetings

This is an open source webinar program which offers both audio and video facilities. You can incorporate this software in your website using API. Linux devices can support it natively. The quality of audio and video is easy to control along with the input device that you use for the entire setup.

Open Meetings for webinars


  • The whole session of the webinar of any duration can be recorded and downloaded. The webinar room can further segment into public and private drives. You can share common documents through the public drive to make it visible to all and presentation files for private viewing for select members. You can send out invitations through the Private messaging center. There is a multi-whiteboard for drawing and writing while explaining to the participants. It is super easy to send out poll questions regarding the webinar to the participants after each webinar.

Pricing policy:

The program is completely free as it make use of open source license.

5. Skype for Business

This Microsoft webinar software comes with the Office365 bundle. It is also available separately for older Windows versions.


  • The Skype Meeting Broadcast feature allows you to have upto 10,000 participants for your webinar.
    • Invitations exchange is incredibly easy with Outlook.
      • The Skype program works with all other Microsoft programs seamlessly.
      • The two most recent versions of any type of browser are compatible with Skype.
      • Audio and Video can help to incorporate slides and documents in the webinar.
      • The options of recording the video and making it available to the audience through the Video on demand feature are in-built.
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Pricing policy

It is a part of the Office365 package so you don’t need to pay for it separately. In case you have an older version of OfficeSuite, you can ask the price for Skype for Business from Microsoft.


To conduct a high quality webinar, you need the right equipment. Here are some basic tools that you can make use of to make your job easy:

  • Headphones
    • External Microphone
      • Live Chat Software
      • Webcam

If you have not already tried out these software programs from free webinar service providers, make sure to do so for your next webinar.

Video webinar hosting has never been so easy!

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